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Ford Focus


Wheels are sold each - choose Quantity (4) for a set

  • Introducing the all new RSe102 light weight wheels.

    The RSe102 shares the same 10-spoke count but the full-face profile and bevel lip modernize its design. 

    Each RSe102 is spec-ed specifically for the assigned vehicle, which translates to complete direct bolt-on fitment - No spacers or adapters!

    • Factory lug nut compatible
    • Factory wheel lock key compatible
    • Factory TPMS compatible
    • Hub centric bore diameter - no hub rings

    The same as NEUSPEED's other wheels, the RSe102 is manufactured utilizing Flow Forming process. It is a hybrid process between low pressure casting and forging technology. This process produces ultra light weight wheel similar to full forged wheels but fraction of the cost. 

    • Size: 19x8.5
    • Offset: +45mm
    • PCD: 5:108mm
    • Bore: 63.4mm
    • Weight: 20 lbs.

    NOTE: 'Ford' center cap is not included with purchase.

    These are not custom drilled wheels with universal hub rings. All of NEUSPEED RSe wheels are MANUFACTURED to Ford Focus mounting specs.